Bay IPTV Install – How to Install BAY IPTV?

With Bay IPTV installation guide, you can access Petra TV quality on LG, Samsung, Android TV/Google TV and all other supported devices.

1. Download the Bay IPTV app from your device’s app store.

2. When you open the application, you will see the MAC address of your device, write it down.

3. Enter THIS ADDRESS from your computer or phone, a screen similar to the image below will appear.


4. When you type your mac address that you just noted down in the “reset my playlist” field and click on the “reset” option, the previously installed lists on your device will be deleted.

5. Go to the Manage MAC & Playlist field and enter your Petra TV in the “playlist name” section, your MAC address that you just noted in the “MAC” section, and your m3u URL address provided to you by Petra TV in the “m3u URL” section. After you have entered all the information completely and without errors, click on the “envoyer” option, when you restart the application, the Petra TV channel list will be loaded on your device.

Warning: Bay IPTV is a paid application, after using the trial version for a certain period of time, it will ask you to buy the full version.

Note: The applications that we describe installed on our site are intermediary applications that do not have any partnership or other relevancy with Petra TV, just allow you to access the Petra TV channel list from your device.